Into Eternity

INTO ETERNITY,  Director’s Note

For a long time I have been interested in areas of documentary filmmaking where additional reality is created.

By this I mean, that I do not think reality constitutes a fixed entity which accordingly can be documented – revealed – in this or that respect. Instead, I suspect reality to be dependent on and susceptible to the nature of it’s interpretation. I am in other words interested in the potentials and requirements of how reality can be interpreted – and thus created?

ONKALO and all the philosophical – and at the same time very real issues linked to it – fascinate me deeply and is an obvious occasion to explore, interpret, and create ’additional reality’ by challenging the viewers perception of reality’s relation to time.

The ONKALO project transgresses both in context and construction all previous human Endeavour’s. It contains:

  • A secret foolproof storage that must last 100.000 years.
  • A construction that must answer to the very real an unsolved problems of how and where to dispose of nuclear waste from the worlds nuclear power plants.
  • A testament of our Civilizations technological epitome: The ability to harvest the powers in the universe and the consequences.

If we look to the past, we see that all manmade creations seem to bear witness to how reality in a certain time period is interpreted. If we see any continuum at all, it is change, often unforeseen change. So how can the builders foresee the future? And in being obligated to do so in order to be successful – what time and worldview is it that ONKALO, with all of its technological, ethical and moral implications, bears witness to?

Into Eternity is a documentary vision on communication into deep time raising the question if Man can ultimately trust himself?

2010 / 2D

Selected Screenings & Awards

Audience Award, CPH:DOX, Denmark.
Grand Prix, Vision Du Réel, Switzerland
Panasonic Green Award, Planete Doc Review, Poland
Best Nordic Documentary Award, Nordic Panorama, Scandinavia
Grand Prix, CineEco, Portugal
Youth Jury Award, CineEco, Portugal
Lichtpunt Prize, festival des Libertes, Belgium
IDFA Green Screen Award, The Netherlands
Grand Prix FIFE, France
Best International Editing, Documentary Edge Festival, New Zealand
The most innovative approach to an environmental ussue, Cinemaplaneta, Mexico
Crossing Europe Award 2011 European Documentary, Austria
Best Feature Documentary, Uranium Film Festival, Brazil
Trento Jury Prize, Trento Film Festival, Italy
Youth Jury Prize, Cinemambiente, Italy
Cinematography Award, Mountain Film in Telluride, USA
Best International Film, Antenna International Documentary Film Festival, Australia
Grand Prix, Baikal International Festival of Documentary, Russia
Best International Feature Film, FilmAmbiente - International Environmental Film Festival, Brazil

Special Mentions:

Docufest, Kosova
Sheffield Green Award, UK
Best International Feature Doc, Documentary Edge Festival, New Zealand
Green Gross Special Mention, Cinemambiente, Italy

Personal Awards:

Michael Madsen has been awarded ”Reel Talent 2010”, CPH:DOX.
Prize for Into Eternity, by the Danish Arts Foundation, Committee for Film and Theatre:

Other festivals in competition include: Tribeca, HotDocs, Silverdocs, Filmfest Munich, Sao Paulo IFF. Taiwan IFF.

Theatrical release: Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Japan, USA, Canada, Spain, Austria, France, The Netherlands.

Television: DR (Denmark), YLE (Finland), SVT (Sweden), ORF (Austria), Lichtpunt (Belgium), TV Cultura (Brazil), ETV (Estonia), ARTE (France and Germany), RUV (Iceland), RTE (Ireland), YES /DBS (Israel), NHK (Japan), NRK (Norway), Canal + (Poland), SIC (Portugal), Russia K (Russia), Radio Televisio Belgrade (Serbia), RTS (Slovenia), ETB (Spain, Basque), TV3 (Spain, Catalunya), RTS (Switzerland, French), RSI (Switzerland, Italian)
Public Television (Taiwan), Channel 4 (UK)

Special Screenings: In addition to traditional distribution and one-off events the film was screened at the below prestigious special events:
- A special screenings in the EU, spring 2011
- A UN-hosted screening of the film in New York during the UN session, October 2011

- Magic Hour Films initiated an online screening event in collaboration with Greenpeace to mark the Fukushima disaster: in March 2012

-UN-hosted screening in Vienna, 22 October 2012