Michael Madsen is a conceptual artist and director of the multiple award-winning “Into Eternity”. Recent films include “Halden Prison”, 3D/“Cathedrals of Culture” initiated by Wim Wenders. In addition, Michael has lectured at a.o. The Danish Film School, University of California, School of Architecture, London. Workshops includeWorkshop For Individuals With Absolutely No Idea For A Film”.

Madsen’s latest film, THE VISIT, premiered in World Cinema Documentary Competition at Sundance 2015. As part of his current transmedia project, The Search, he took part of the Moon Exhibition (13.09.18-20.01.19) at Louisiana Museum of Modern art, Denmark.




THE SEARCH, installation, physical, digital and augmented reality: Part of the crossmedia film project The Search. Commissioned by Louisiana Museum of Modern Art as part of the 60th Anniversary “Moon” exhibition 13.09.2018-20.01.2019. In collaboration with architect Jonathan Houser and Feileacan McCormick, produced by MASSPRODUCTION.

ANGEL VIEW FILM, installation, in collaboration with composer Juliana Hodkinson, produced by SCENATET. World premiere Spor Festival.
2016 THE REVIEWS, live-performance, 60 min. Notorious for his dubious experimentation, Madsen presents his newest film, which, of course, is not a film at all. THE REVIEWS is Madsen live-performing a series of unprecedented reviews of imaginary films dreamt up by Madsen’s feeble imagination. THE REVIEWS is Madsen’s highly idiosyncratic poetics for what ought to be when it comes to really interesting film. Spor Festival, The Cinematheque/DFI.
ACTUAL TIME TRAVEL, live-performance, 60 min. “It may come as a surprise, but I am able to do actual time travel – both into the past and into the future”. Michael sharing this, in many ways curious ability with Dr. Marc Wittmann, Institute for Frontier Areas of Psychology and Mental Health, University of Freiburg, Germany. 3rd International Time Festival
2015 THE VISIT: An Alien Encounter, 85 min. “This film documents an event that has never taken place – man’s first encounter with intelligent life from space.” With United Nations Office For Outer Space Affairs, NASA, European Space Agency and others a.o. Producer Lise Lense-Møller, Magic Hour Films. Co-producers: Mouka Filmi, Finland, Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion GmbH, Austria, Venom Film, Ireland, Indie Film, Norway. Worldpremiere at Sundance, World Documentary Competition.
2014 Cathedrals Of Culture: Halden Prison (3D). 27 min. On the humanist ideals of the Scandinavian late-welfare state. Part of 6 films in 3D on architecture, the other directors are: Wim Wenders, Michael Glawogger, Robert Redford, Karim Aïnouz, Margret Ohlin Producer: Anne Köhncke, Signe Byrge Sørensen, Final Cut for Real. Co-producer: Neue Road Movies, Germany. Worldpremiere at the Berlinale.
2013 DocumentaryConcert#2. Silent film on the composer Niels Rønsholdt, 60 min, screened only with live music performance by avant-garde ensemble SCENATET. Concept with music curator and artist Anna Berit Asp Christensen.

The Average Of The Average. 55 min. 3D conceptual documentary. For Middelfart Museum and The Heritage Agency of Denmark, Danish Ministry of Culture. Producer Gallery Tusk.

Nominated for Best New Danish Documentary at CPH:DOX 2011 and voted 2nd best Museum Hit 2011 by Danish Agency Of Culture. Worldpremere at Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2012.


Into Eternity. A Film for the Future. 75 min. On the final solution for nuclear waste. Producer Lise Lense-Møller, Magic Hour Films.

 DocumentaryConcert#1. Silent film on the composer Bent Sørensen, 60 min, screened only with live music performance by avant-garde ensemble SCENATET. Concept with music curator and artist Anna Berit Asp Christensen.




To Damascus. A Film on Interpretation. Documentary, 40 min. Produced by Gallery Tusk, co-directed by Jeppe Debois and Morten Kjems Juhl.




Celestial Night – a Film on Visibility. Documentary, 53 min. Produced by Gallery Tusk.
2014 Human Happiness, a cultural & idea-historical exhibition questioning concept of human happiness from the Middle Ages to todays latest generation of antidepressants. In collaboration with Psychiatric Collection, Middelfart Museum Denmark. Producer Gallery Tusk.

The Danish Film School: The sound of sound – on sound in film.

Designskolen in Kolding, Denmark. Idea-development and art.

Danish School of Design, Idea-development and art.

Royal Danish Academy of Art, Soundart.

Rhythmic Music Conservatory, Copenhagen, Denmark.

School of Humanities and Communication Arts at the University of Western Sydney.

University of California, USA.

Architectural Association School of Architecture, London, UK.

ANDRA: France’s National Radioactive Waste Management Agency.


Various Masterclasses at film festivals throughout the world.

Michael Madsen chairs 2016-2019 the Danish Art Foundation’s Film-committee for work-grants.

Arts History, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. One year supplementary study.




Dramaturgy, Aarhus University, Denmark.